Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Lottery Player

Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Lottery Player

If you participate in lotteries regularly, it is an indication that you have some dreams that you want to see come true in your life. It is always interesting to read what the lottery winners have to say when they become millionaires. Every person who has won a lottery to this day has some amazing story to tell. You never know when you might become a winner and a millionaire too, and find the press running after you to give interviews. However, the journey to becoming a lottery winner is not that easy. Some lottery players have made huge mistakes in the past and they should serve as a lesson for you.

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Let’s take a look at the biggest mistakes you have to avoid as a lottery player.

Mistakes You Must Not Make as a Lottery Player

Trusting in Unknown Emails

There are all sorts of people in the world. Unfortunately, the bad guys have always used internet as a medium to target people to deprive them of their money and other valuables. As a lottery player, you might encounter a lot of such people. You will often receive emails from random places telling you that you have won a lottery. Of course, you can only win a lottery when you have bought a ticket. If you have not bought a ticket for a lottery, never trust the email no matter what logic it uses to prove that you have won something.

If you receive an email from the company whose platform you are using to participate in the lotteries, you can just call their number and confirm. Not to mention, most of the lottery companies now have their own mobile applications where you can check the results instantly and know whether or not you have won. Never make the mistake of trusting unknown emails. They will often ask for your personal details and if you give them that, things can go wrong in many ways.

Not Knowing Tax Laws

You don’t have to know the tax laws only as a lottery player, but it is your responsibility to know them as a citizen of any country. Some people think that they have to worry about taxes only when they win a jackpot. That’s not true at all. Many big lotteries of the world win you millions of dollars or at least hundreds of thousands of dollars even in second and third prize winning categories. Just like a jackpot, these winnings are big enough for you to pay a handsome amount in taxes. If you don’t do that and try to evade taxes, you are going to get in a deep trouble. You might have to lose everything you have won and some more as a consequence.

It is important to mention here that you can participate in foreign lotteries today. Internet now allows you to participate in any lottery in any part of the world. In that case, you have to know the local laws of your country as well. Do not try to hide your winnings and escape the taxes.

Not Checking Results Regularly

No matter how long you have been participating in the lotteries for, you should make it a habit to check the results as soon as the draws take place. Not to mention, you can check the results fairly easily today using the mobile applications of the lottery companies. Putting away your ticket and not claiming your prize on time can cause you to lose everything you have won. Every lottery prize has an expiration time after which the money goes to the government and gets used in development projects and for the welfare of the society. There is no way for you to claim your prize after the expiration time is over.

It is also imperative for you to know the expiration time of the prize because it can be different for different lotteries and countries. In some countries, you have three months to claim the prize whereas in others, you have six months to take your prize home.

Not Checking Results on Your Own

This is an even bigger mistake than not checking the results regularly. When you don’t claim your prize, the money goes in various development and welfare projects. However, if you don’t check the results yourself and ask someone else to do it for you, things might end up worse. There have been incidents where the people behind the counters checked people’s tickets and said they had not won anything. After playing the lottery for many years and not winning anything it is natural to hear these words and believe them instantly. However, you should never let anyone discard your ticket without your permission.

You don’t want someone else to live a millionaire’s life with the money that belonged to you. Always check the result yourself using a mobile application or the website of the lottery company.

Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Lottery Player

Not Playing Online

Despite the system being in such a great shape, there are still many people who still do not trust online websites. They think they should not purchase tickets from online websites, and that’s a huge mistake. Today, there are hundreds of online websites that give a way for players from around the world to participate in lotteries. Not to mention, you can enjoy many discounts and promotions when you play online. You can get bonuses for depositing funds in your accounts. At times, you can get all the money you have spent on your first ticket(s) as a promotion from the online website.


Do not make the mistakes that many have made in the past and let them serve as lessons for you. Technology has advanced enough today to let you participate in a lottery on the other side of the world. There should be no hesitation in doing that because many people have won huge prizes through these online platforms. Always check your ticket yourself or ask an immediate family member you trust to check the results. Keep your tickets in a safe place where you can remember them. In the end, play with patience and persistence because these two qualities seem to have helped a lot of people become millionaires in the world.